These top-rated blackout curtains are on sale at Amazon

2022-11-30 12:49:55 By : Ms. YING ZHENG

Nothing makes a difference in a living space as new window treatment. Maybe it makes the room darker, maybe lighter, maybe it just adds a splash of much-needed color. But sometimes you want curtains to not just filter light, but block it. Right now, Amazon is having a mega sale on Nicetown curtains — you can get a set of top-rated curtains for as low as $14, but only 'til midnight! Short and long, blackout dark, dazzling white, and a rainbow of colors in between. Whether you're looking to let the sunshine in or make the world go away, there's something for everyone.

When the folks at Nicetown call these 100% Blackout, they're not kidding. That's because they feature a solid black liner to make sure your room stays nice and dark, your sleep peaceful. Maybe more important: They're also thermally insulating, which means they'll keep the winter chill out of your toasty-warm room, and allow you a chill summertime nap during even the most torrid summer afternoons. Translation: Big savings on your heating and air-conditioning bills. Available in 38 different colors. Luxe Heavyweight Curtain

When it comes to window treatments, nothing says "classic simplicity" like these White Sheer Linen Curtains and Drapes. This set comes in the standard dimensions, but there are 15 different sizes on offer, with widths ranging from 42" to 66" and lengths from 45" to 95", so there's an option for just about any room you might like to brighten up. Here's something else to brighten the mood: You can grab a pair for as little as $16.

Here's a more specialized item, but one that could be priceless if your home's a little short on bedrooms. This one-sheet curtain, featuring blackout-ing triple-weave polyester, is insulating enough to give you the illusion that you have two rooms instead of one. There are a number of sizes on offer, some large enough to completely cover a sliding glass door.

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